Uncover Fraud and Anomalies with Smarter Analytics

A proven solution to identify fraud schemes and other resource and efficiency draining anomalies in your organization’s operations.

NEMESIS has been implemented in industries as diverse as tax agencies and insurance providers with results that have astounded its sponsors.

Harness the power of machine learning and IBM Predictive Analytics/SPSS within NEMESIS to identify and address potential fraud and anomaly issues before they have the chance to harm your business.

Three Distinct Components of NEMESIS that Work in Unison

When you choose you get three distinct components that work in unison to provide you with one of the most flexible and comprehensive fraud detection solutions available.

1. RADR Detection Engine

Our proven detection engine identifies potentially fraudulent or otherwise suspicious patterns of transactional data - such as financial records, claims, tax returns, etc. - through a unique anomaly detection approach that identifies suspicious actors in your network and non-obvious relationships among them.

2. Multi-level Analysis Capabilities

From management, to supervisors, to front-end fraud analyst, NEMESIS provides the right level of insights into the patterns detected by RADR. By providing explanation of patterns in plain English, we empower your team to quickly understand and intervene on suspicious activities patterns.

3. Case Management

Insight without action cannot achieve results. With NEMESIS we provide built-in workflow capabilities to create and manage cases, or it can integrate with your own case management system. Machine learning utilizes the outcome of case disposition to continuously improve detection accuracy.

The power of effective fraud detection results

Fast action, timely deep dives into data combined with actionable insights make our Fraud and Anomaly Detection platform the powerful, predictive solution companies need to maintain strong control over its operations. Whether its payment discrepancies, supply chain problems or internal wrongdoing NEMESIS meets and exceeds the needs of modern businesses.

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