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Data Management

Aviana, one of the most seasoned analytics consulting firms on the west coast, has helped some of the largest corporations in America to consolidate, organize their data and extract meaningful insights to improve efficiency and stimulate growth.

Data Sciences

Aviana’s expertise in Advanced analytics, predictive technology, anomaly detection and machine learningto create and deploy sophisticated models to predict customer behavior, detect fraud, identify anomalies and recommend strategies.



Aviana’s no-code platform that is used by business managers and analysts to conceptualize and independently build and deploy advanced analytic solutions used to identify and mitigate risk.


Integrated Resource Information Solution designed to make accurate risk assessments for insurance companies and banks to quantity risk based on a multitude of internal and external factors.


Aviana’s Al based Liquidity management solution for banks and credit unions to ensure optimal operational efficiency and control.


Years in Business Consulting


Man years of experience in Data Management, Business Analytics and Data Science


Ranked as OC's Best Places to Work

Aviana Expertise

Intelligence & Automation

Aviana has partnered with Impetus to modernize the process for data warehouses, ETL, Hadoop, and analytics systems, improving speed and accuracy while lowering risks and costs. Up to 95% automation brings more accuracy.

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Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Unearth the true value of your data. Obtain actionable insights to anticipate trends and predict “tomorrow.” With learning data continuously, identify revenue-generating opportunities, adjust work processes and improve operational efficiencies.

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Instant Anomaly Detection

Use anomalous pattern detection. Identify deviations and threats before they affect your overall operations. Reduce loss, mitigate risk and eliminate fraud by improving detection of anomalies.

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Sentiment Insights & Text Analytics

Maximize the value of your data. Unlock unstructured data into valuable insights for better predictions. Turn unstructured data into meaningful metrics to identify operational anomalies and enable proactive strategies for mitigation, management and prevention.

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Advanced Data Management Technologies

Implement an effective data management strategy and control the health of your business’ most valuable asset—your data. Integrate, govern and organize your data for analytics with quicker iterations, modeling and faster results!

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Our Technologies

Over the years, we have built long-term relationships with our clients based on competence, dependability and trust.