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Building your in house Data Sciences team Webcast

The concept of Citizen Data Scientist and the democratization of advanced analytics.

What is a Citizen Data Scientist? Tried and tested steps to identifying people within your own organization to build your in house data science expertise.

If you are an executive or senior manager who wants to harness the capabilities of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence without having to spend an arm and a leg, please register for this innovative webcast.

Date: December 13, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM (45 minutes)

Dr. Daniele Micci-Barreca is a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University with more then 25 years in this field.

Brilliant and highly educated data scientists are difficult to find and highly sought after in the job market. While everyone seems to agree that leveraging the power of predictive technologies and artificial intelligence is strategic to stay competitive, the cost and effort needed to do so is usually prohibitive. We can show you how to develop these skills within your organization with the people you already have !

This webcast is about the development of “Citizen Data Scientists” (CDS) in your organization. We will show you how we can help you identify, train and operationalize your own in-house team so that you are self sufficient moving forward – not to mention the high degree of enthusiasm and motivation you will create within your current staff.

CDS need not hold an advanced degree in statistics or machine learning, nor coding skills. All they need are deep business knowledge with an analytical mindset, curiosity and willingness to learn analytical tools and methods. Our experience shows that assembling and nurturing teams of data science practitioners can be very effective in allowing organizations to fully embrace and institutionalize the use of advanced analytics.

We have done this several times. We can help you create yours.