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Turbocharge your recovery from COVID’S devastation

As you start thinking about how to recover from the devastation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, we invite you to join us to learn how you can turn this disaster into an opportunity for future growth.

In an interview with Sid Mohasseb, acclaimed as The Entrepreneur’s Philosopher and a published author, innovation leader, business thought provoker, public speaker, venture investor and Educator, Avijit Datta, CEO, Aviana Global Technologies explores the million dollar question of life after COVID-19.

As each state comes out of Coronavirus lock-down, you can focus on your most-likely-to-buy & high-value customers and offer them your best-performing product mixes with Aviana’s Nemesis Insights solution platform and unique Composite Index Rankings!

Nemesis shows you your best potential customers so that you can capitalize on the high revenue segments faster.

Visually see product demand and inter-product affinities for upselling and cross selling opportunities. Focus on VALUE

The Nemesis will highlight location based opportunities for you.

Capturing which areas will open first post COVID-19 pandemic giving you head start to capture high revenue customer locations.

Get weekly performance insights to better streamline your supply chain