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IRIS: Maximize revenue potential from existing customers

How do you extract maximum revenue from your existing customers with the limited resources you have?

Let the Watson AI powered IRIS help you do this.

IRIS will

  • Identify customers with the highest propensity to buy

  • Recommend the product mix with the highest probability of sale

  • Minimize the cost of sales

What is IRIS?

Iris is an AI-based tool that helps maximize revenue potential from your existing clients

"It is all about understanding your customers--what they buy, how they buy. Harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to get deeper insights to customer behavior is what IRIS is all about. It is invaluable”

Robert ZacksSenior Data Scientist - Aviana Global

The modeling approach is designed to enable the best results for the business objective. We use the advanced segmentation before we apply recommender systems to predict the right products relevant for the right customer, at the right time.

Segmented Purchase Recommendation Engine allows you to identify buying patterns and types of transactions that will give you high margin profits.

Gross Sales by Segment

Financial Implication of Purchases (Gross Margin)

Our Approach:

  1. IDENTIFY complex buying patterns across multiple, disparate groups
  2. Provide clear INSIGHTS about the unique characteristics of customer segments
  3. SCORE and prioritize high-value strategic targets for long term growth
  4. Drive increased revenue with a highly tuned RECOMMENDATION ENGINE
  5. Leverage a continuous LEARNING system to capitalize on timely opportunities in a dynamic market place

Aviana’s team of senior analytics consultants has deep experience with IBM Watson AI, IBM SPSS Modeler, R, Python, Cognos, Tableau…and virtually every major analytics solution on the market.



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