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The NEMESIS Advantage

Unlock unprecedented speed and accuracy of analyses, insights, and resolutions for your business with NEMESIS.

See NEMESIS in Action

Prep & Manage Your Data without Any Coding!

  • Intelligent Data Orchestration (IDO)

    Automated ingestion and cleansing of data into the system gears analysts up for stellar data modeling.

  • Model Building

    Drag-and-drop options allow analysts to build out a wide range of tailored models, without coding.

  • Model Comparison

    Side-by-side model comparisons enable analysts to choose the most suitable model for the business affair at hand.

  • Prediction

    Given enough training data, Nemesis can predict future results using the best-suited model chosen by analysts.

  • Comprehensive Insights

    Nemesis visualizes the data for analysts, translating the model results into a crystal-clear business language.

  • Micro Graphs

    Easily understood, causal factors provide analysts with customizable parameter-driven visualizations.

  • Web-Based Business Solutions

    Allows for customized collaborative implementations, solving business solutions in a timely manner.

  • Integrated Case Management

    Authorizes analysts to assign suspicious transactions to caseworkers for immediate scrutiny.

  • Supervisor’s View

    Provides quick resolution of bottlenecks in case resolutions.

  • Tracked Productivity

    Promotes improved performance of case managers with feedback based on productivity.

  • The Intelligent Organization

    Machine learning technologies keep the organization abreast of new strategies and emerging findings.

  • Machine Learning (ML)

    Tune your model for maximum efficiency with supervised model algorithms & performance, and digestible datasets, optimizing prediction results.