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Employee engagement, sentiment and retention are top-of-mind concerns in all corners of the global economy. From identifying high-value employees in danger of departing to improving sentiment across all departments and locations, there are many changes business leaders can make to improve employee continuity and address potential issues before they turn into more serious problems and affect attrition. Amber, our artificially intelligent, predictive solution was specifically developed for addressing these employee concerns. It has helped major companies in a variety of industries – and it’s ready to help yours, too.

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll share how Amber, our intelligent chatbot, can help you minimize attrition and reduce turnover by engaging employees, predicting who is likely to leave and why, creating an action plan for retaining your top performers and assessing the mood index at your organization to monitor productivity changes.

In just a half-hour, you’ll hear how we helped companies like:

  • Domino’s Pizza “drastically improve the employee engagement index and allow HR to create an action plan to intervene with employees that are likely to leave, thus increasing employee retention.”
  • MakeMyTrip “increase productivity by making employees more effective and satisfied with greater engagement.”
  • GE Healthcare “significantly improve employee engagement, which makes human resources seen as strategic partner to the company, and not an administrative function.”

Schedule a demo today to learn how the power of AI can help your organization engage and retain your best employees!

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