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WEBINAR – Managing Fraud and Abuse in Healthcare Claims

Global fraud claim challenges and increasingly sophisticated fraud strategies make it imperative to have stronger fraud combating strategies. Aviana Global Technologies has over 15 years of experience in anomaly detection and can help you unearth fraudulent claims and also have stronger predictions against such risk.

We are hosting a Webinar on March 26th, 2020 on “Managing Fraud and Abuse in Healthcare Claims”.

The topic which will be covered during the session are:

  1. Examples of Fraud and Abuse in Healthcare
  2. Techniques for Detecting Fraud and Abuse
  3. Solutions for Managing Fraud and Abuse

Mr. Paul Patterson our Client Director – Data Science Practice, will speak during the webinar to share deeper insights on Artificial Intelligence-based fraud detection solutions. There is an amazing amount of insight and knowledge that we can share based on our years of experience. Join us on the journey to eliminate harmful fraud schemes.

What can you expect to take away:

  • Incredible ability to gain insight into your historical data to identify abnormalities and showcase them for further analysis
  • Not only detect fraud but also be equipped to identify fraud schemes. As you know, fraud schemes have a substantially larger impact on corporations

Date – March 26th, 2020

Time – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm PST

Where – Online

Register Here: