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Using AI to enhance productivity

Faster. Smarter.

Simplifying the power of Artificial Intelligence for business use

Aviana specializes in advanced analytics and intelligence platforms that deliver specific, tangible benefits to your business. Combined with our individualized approach to consulting, your company gets exactly what it needs to succeed.

Aviana has made great efforts to craft its AI solutions to mask the complexity of the technology from the end user and to make the user experience as friendly and intuitive as possible. With more than 20 years of experience in extracting and manipulating data, Aviana also provides the complementary services needed to help the organization to collect, organize and manage its data in order to reap the full benefit of these solutions.

Aviana’s Core Values

What Aviana team members have to say about the company

Meet The Team

  • River queen
  • Sanity keeper
  • Office boss

Lori Nastasi

  • Stat queen
  • Hiking enthusiast
  • Energizer


Shay Pal

  • Goggle man
  • Chief photographer
  • Tech Swiss army knife


Prakash Thimmarareddy

  • Weekend Golf nut
  • Tennis enthusiast
  • PM extraordinaire

Mike Yniguez

  • Meetup king
  • Chief Multitasker
  • Fitbit promoter

Miten Bhatt

  • Spice enthusiast
  • Tesla expert
  • Aviana parent

Ananta Mukerji

  • Card-carrying Statistician
  • Feline fancier
  • Shave club member

Michael Johnson

  • Triathlete
  • Foodie
  • Aviana parent

Avijit Datta

  • Video gaming buff
  • Movie king
  • Data viz guru

Zameer Sayed

  • Energizer bunny
  • Our smiley voice
  • Persistence guru

Donna Sanchez

  • Have prospect will travel
  • High motor
  • Company deal maker

Sujit Ghosh

  • Crossword junkie
  • Voice of reason
  • Chief Project organizer


Paul Patterson

  • Data czar
  • Godiva provider
  • Aviana Partner

Ramesh Gurajapu

  • Words Per Minute runner up
  • Driving enthusiast
  • Data collation king

Srikanth Jupalli

  • Motor cross buff
  • 15 motorcycle owner
  • Super data scientist


Robert Zacks

  • Board game nerd
  • Music enthusiast
  • Fashionista

Xiaoyan Lin

  • Vegan Food Enthusiast
  • Right brained
  • Dog Mom

Darshana Daga

  • An Economist
  • Data science lover
  • A poet

Sohrab P Mazandarani

  • OC foodie
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Movie buff

Risheng Pan

  • Tennis enthusiast
  • Spice addicted
  • Beach lover


Roger Wang

  • Dinosaur Enthusiast
  • Word Search Devotee
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Aficionado

Samantha Cornejo

Strategic Partnerships

Aviana is honored to partner with some of the planets most innovative and well known technology providers. We believe these partnerships enable Aviana to offer our clients the type of world class solutions they have come to expect from us. Side by side with Aviana, these partners enhance our own talented and dedicated people and share the same endless commitment we have to our customers.

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