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Precision Forecasting for Lab testing

Make Your Demand Forecasting with AI Powered ‘NEMESIS for Demand Forecasting’ more accurate and meaningful

NEMESIS has a revolutionary approach to demand forecasting, that our clients have enjoyed. Beginning with significant improvements in accuracy and providing meaningful insights, all in record time - reducing the forecasting cycle by over 50% NEMESIS is set to change the way you forecast forever.

‘NEMESIS for Demand Forecasting’ introduces a unique methodology that expedites the forecasting process, leveraging the latest data to refine and enhance the final forecast. This cutting-edge platform brings improvements across various dimensions, with a particular focus on:

  • Accuracy: Elevate forecast precision to align seamlessly with market dynamics and business goals.
  • Speed: Accelerate decision-making timelines, responding swiftly to market shifts and opportunities.
  • Visibility: Gain unparalleled clarity into your forecasting landscape, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of market conditions.
  • Flexibility: Navigate the dynamic market landscape effortlessly, adapting your forecasting strategy to changing business environments.
  • Extensibility: Ensure scalability and adaptability in your forecasting process, accommodating evolving business needs.

No Competition

One of our Healthcare clients, with over 22 million transactions a year, has experienced remarkable transformations and insights when using NEMESIS. Besides, NEMESIS has provided them with a host of additional opportunities that they were earlier not capable of undertaking.

Compare the traditional forecasting method with NEMESIS as experienced by our users.:


Stage 1: Data Readiness
Stage 2: Modeling – Organic Growth, Seasonality, Client Attrition
Stage 3: Modeling – Sales Bids Existing Clients
Stage 4: Modeling – Sales Bids Future Clients
Stage 5: Review & Adjustments
Stage 6: Forecast Revenue

Duration: Approximately 8 months

Input data age at completion: 8 months


Stage 1: Data Readiness
Stage 2: Modeling – Single Model Capturing Seasonality, Attrition, and New Clients
Stage 3: Review & Adjustments
Stage 4: Refresh Forecast (new)
Stage 5: Forecast Revenue

Duration: As little as 3 months

Input data age at completion: 1 month

The difference


  • Improved Forecast Accuracy: Enhance demand forecasting precision with the NEMESIS platform, ensuring improved forecast accuracy that aligns seamlessly with your business goals and market dynamics.
  • Reduced Forecast Cycle Time: Accelerate decision-making timelines with NEMESIS, experiencing significantly reduced forecast cycle times that empower your business to respond swiftly to market shifts and opportunities.
  • Ongoing Forecast Monitoring and Refresh: Optimize strategic planning with NEMESIS by incorporating improved ongoing forecast monitoring and refresh capabilities, providing real-time insights to adapt to evolving market conditions.
  • Continuous Forecast Improvement: Elevate your forecasting strategy with NEMESIS, fostering a culture of continuous forecast improvement that ensures your business remains agile and adaptive in the face of dynamic market changes.

Enjoy better control over code, results, and monitoring throughout the transparent model development process:

Shareable insights from model results:

Foster collaboration and informed decision-making across your organization with NEMESIS, as it generates shareable insights from model results, promoting transparency and collective understanding of the forecasting process.

Repeatable processes conducive to automation:

Streamline operational efficiency with NEMESIS, featuring repeatable processes that are inherently conducive to automation, allowing your team to focus on strategic analysis rather than repetitive tasks in the demand forecasting workflow.

Intuitive built-in tools for model evaluation and monitoring:

Effortlessly navigate the demand forecasting landscape with NEMESIS, offering intuitive built-in tools for model evaluation and monitoring, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions with confidence and ease.

Systematic collection of forecast feedback:

Refine your forecasting precision with NEMESIS, facilitating a systematic collection of forecast feedback, ensuring a data-driven approach to continuous improvement and adaptability in response to market dynamics.

No single point of failure:

Ensure resilience in your forecasting process with NEMESIS, designed to eliminate the risk of a single point of failure, providing a robust and dependable platform for consistent and accurate demand predictions.

Collaborative forecast development by team(s):

Promote synergy in your forecasting endeavors with NEMESIS, fostering collaborative forecast development by teams, enabling diverse perspectives and expertise to contribute seamlessly for a more comprehensive and accurate prediction model.

Role-specific dashboards:

Tailor your forecasting experience with NEMESIS, featuring role-specific dashboards that provide personalized insights and analytics, empowering each team member to contribute effectively based on their unique responsibilities and expertise.

Empower your business with 'NEMESIS for Demand Forecasting' for demand forecasting that's not only efficient but also adaptable to the dynamic landscape of your industry.

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