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Cutting Edge Business Analytics Software Solution

Congratulations! You’ve made the investment in truly cutting-edge Business Analytics software solutions from IBM. The next logical step is to protect that investment. As a full-service provider, Aviana can help to ensure that you maximize your return on this investment and protect it fully. Our solutions include the following options:

IBM Cognos Analytics:

  • Enhancements
  • Security and User Management
  • Change Management
  • Software Upgrades & Updates
  • Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Up to 3 Days of End User / New Hire Training
  • Developer Coaching Mentoring and co-development

TM1 / Planning Analytics:

  • Cycle Rollovers
  • Annual and Quarterly Forecast and Plan
  • Enhancements
  • Security and User Management
  • Change Management
  • Software Upgrades & Updates
  • Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Up to 3 Days of End User / New Hire Training

SPSS and Advanced Analytics:

  • SPSS Model Maintenance
  • Maintain Data Preparation routines
  • Data Visualizations
  • Ad-hoc scoring and Model re-training
  • Incremental R/ Python library development and maintenance
  • Up to 3 Days of End User / New Hire Training

Our Support Commitment

Aviana’s Support Commitment provides your team with the timely resources required to optimize productivity and maximize your return on investment. Our dedicated support professionals are highly trained and deliver outstanding service.

Modes of Communication

  • A dedicated email distribution list will be established for all engagement related communication:
  • A weekly status report will be provided by the Aviana Project Manager, which will provide a status of the support items, along with a breakdown of budget vs. actual hours incurred.

Additional Benefits & Capabilities

  • Realize reduction in ongoing application maintenance costs
  • Your FTE resources on staff will be available for new development activities

Aviana can provide coverage for architecture, design, and development on as needed basis for the short term

Support When You Need It

Our comprehensive support offering includes the following:

Support Category
Resolution Analysis & Estimates

(Severity 1)

< 2 hours

Same Day

< 2 days on all issues related to Aviana Developed Solutions. *

(Severity 2)

1 day or less

1 day or less

As per estimate

(Severity 3)

2 days or less

2 days or less

As per estimate

* Issues where dependency is outside of Aviana, resolutions will be as per the agreed timeline.

Why Aviana?

The Aviana team provides you with expert, comprehensive, and personalized service. The team works closely with you to integrate, customize, and deploy capabilities required by your business. We empower you to stay productive, migrate, upgrade and also to proactively monitor the health of your environment. The annual support program commences immediately after the “go-live” production deployment and remains in effect for one year.

Best Results at the Best Value

Because of our consultants’ deep domain expertise and proven methodology, we are able to consistently deliver projects that achieve the business objectives in a predictable timeline and budget.

Trusted Advisor

We serve as a partner in understanding the requirements needed to obtain optimal performance and agility for your unique organizational challenges and opportunities for growth.

Best Customer Service

Aviana provides a consistent team of resources you can work with and the benefits of working with someone on a first-name basis.

Voted one of the Fastest Growing Companies by OC Business Journal

“Aviana’s deliverable was of high quality. Aviana was outstanding at understanding the needs of our IT organization and created a strategic vision for our reporting environment.”

Tom EnglishCIO, Trader Joe’s

“We consider Aviana more than a software vendor, we consider them our partner. They are excellent in quality, flexibility and project management.”

Victor MartinezCIO, Kawasaki

Discover For Yourself

The Aviana Alliance Support Program was developed and optimized after a multitude of implementations over the last twenty years of operation, so we have the experience to resolve issues rapidly. The main objective of this post-production support program is to promote high user adoption and ensure high availability / system uptime for years to come.

Call or email today to schedule a discovery session to evaluate if this alliance program is suitable for you.

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