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Empowering Child Care Agencies with Fraud Prevention Capabilities


NEMESIS, developed by Aviana Global Technologies, is an AI-based predictive analytics platform designed to make it easy and quick to develop and deploy custom analytical solutions tailored to the unique requirements of a business. Rather than build a custom solution from scratch, KinderSystems chose the NEMESIS platform to quickly implement new powerful new capabilities in their solutions for government agencies, Head Start programs, and child care providers.

  • Predictive Analytics for Child Care Efficiency
  • Detecting Anomalies and Fraud Prevention
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IntegrityCentral, powered by NEMESIS, uses key indicators and advanced analytics to identify anomalies in child care subsidy processes. These anomalies signal potential fraud or irregularities. Examples include:

  • Over-payments for child care services rendered.
  • Payments for fictitious attendance.
  • Irregularities in attendance.
  • ·Excessive driving distances between home, work, and child care providers.
  • ·Streamlined Operations and Compliance

KinderSystems, a leading provider of subsidy management SaaS solutions, integrates NEMESIS to offer predictive insights they didn’t have before.

Agencies benefit from:

  • Actionable Insights: NEMESIS models provide scores and supporting information to enable investigators to quickly find fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Interactive Dashboards: NEMESIS dashboards provide built-in interactivity and drill-down.
  • Case Management: NEMESIS provides a fully-integrated case management capability to make it quick and easy to create and record investigation results, and to manage case workload.