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Years in Business Consulting
Person Years of experience in Data Management, Business Analytics and Data Science
Ranked as OC’s Best Places to Work
Aviana has more than 25 years of proven history in extracting and manipulating data. With our deep expertise in Advanced Analytics , we have delivered the best solutions and have helped organizations achieve growth, efficiency and make better decisions.


Our culture is very important to us, which is why we continuously seek to strike a healthy balance between working hard and building relationships among our team members.

Meet Our Team

  • River queen
  • Sanity keeper
  • Office boss

Lori Nastasi

  • Stat queen
  • Hiking enthusiast
  • Energizer

Shay Pal

  • Goggle man
  • Chief photographer
  • Tech Swiss army knife

Prakash Thimmarareddy

  • Weekend Golf nut
  • Tennis enthusiast
  • PM extraordinaire

Mike Yniguez

  • Spice enthusiast
  • Tesla expert
  • Aviana parent

Ananta Mukerji

  • Retro gaming buff
  • Fencing pro
  • Sci-fi nerd

Jarod Alvarez

  • Triathlete
  • Foodie
  • Aviana parent

Avijit Datta

  • Shutterbum
  • Trekker
  • Ice on fire

Charles Jia

  • Video gaming buff
  • Movie king
  • Data viz guru

Zameer Sayed

  • Have prospect will travel
  • High motor
  • Company deal maker

Sujit Ghosh

  • Crossword junkie
  • Voice of reason
  • Chief Project organizer

Paul Patterson

  • Ultramarathon Runner
  • Feminist
  • President of Insurance Services

Sonia Ahuja

  • Data czar
  • Godiva provider
  • Aviana Partner

Ramesh Gurajapu

  • Words Per Minute runner up
  • Driving enthusiast
  • Data collation king

Srikanth Jupalli

  • Motor cross buff
  • 15 motorcycle owner
  • Super data scientist

Robert Zacks

  • OC foodie
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Movie buff

Risheng Pan

  • Hard-core anime fan
  • Amateur ukulele player
  • Transformational leader


Fan Yang

  • Kuchipudi Dancer
  • Fix-it Felix
  • Clean Freak

Sreepriya Goteti

  • Passionate home cook
  • Horror movie enthusiast
  • Finds humor in everyday situations.

Ritik Agarwal

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