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Delivery Models

Maximize the Benefits

Over the past two decades, many organizations are in the process of continuously improving their delivery of IT Services. With growing business needs, many of our clients are looking to partner with a business partner or IT consulting firm who can provide staff with a set of skills required to fulfill those needs. Such a partnership between clients and Aviana provides the flexible option of having the resources onshore or offshore with more affordable cost structure.

Aviana’s delivery model provides the clients an option to provide a 24×7 coverage with resources in the USA and India. As part of the project execution, some tasks require an on-site presence, for example, gathering/analyzing customer requirements and some tasks require higher level skill set, for example, architecture, design and creating a technical/ functional specification. While other tasks such as development, QA testing, and ongoing maintenance can be successfully executed at a remote site, whether onshore or offshore. Tasks can be divided among various operational teams and controlled by distributed project management.

Aviana will provide resources for the delivery models below in:
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation and maintenance phases for Data Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial Operations and Performance Management (FOPM)
  • Data Science areas of Specialty

Onsite Delivery Model

In this model, Aviana consultants work from the client location for both Project-based consulting and Staff Augmentation, starting from the project kick-off until the project’s completion. Representatives will have face-to-face client interaction and a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and policies. There are no communication gaps, which enables better project control and management. In many cases, the overall project costs are higher than the other delivery models.

Offshore Delivery Model

In this model, Aviana consultants work from our offices in India for both Project-based consulting and Staff Augmentation, from the project kick-off to completion. In such projects, we normally assign one or more onsite coordinators to perform solution requirements gathering and project management duties, while the all the design and development activities are carried out from our offices in India.

Dual-Shore Delivery Model

In this model, Aviana provides a combination of onsite/offsite, and Offshore resources for both Project-based consulting and Staff Augmentation. This dual-shore model provides the cost-effectiveness of the offshore model as well as the face-to-face contact for activities such as requirement gathering and project planning that is crucial to preventing communication gaps and ensuring your projects’ success. The most cost-effective solution is usually the integrated Onsite-Offshore model, as it is usually as effective as the Onsite model, yet offers the cost-efficiency of offshore development.