Recurring Scope

  • Enhance Maintain existing TM1 models for Planning and Forecasting
  • Help during budget cycle every year on as needed basis
  • Troubleshoot the data/ model issues as and when issues are reported
  • Upgrade TM1 and Cognos software to stay current with latest version of the software
  • Training users on as needed basis
  • Helping with User Acceptance Testing as needed

Value Addition

  • Support Planning and forecasting environment with minimal participation by TMC
  • Zero in-house development/ maintenance resources for the technologies supported by Aviana
  • Continuous availability of Planning and Forecasting (TM1) environment and SLA adherence
  • Issue resolution in less than one business day more than 95% of the time


  • IBM Cognos BI
  • IBM Cognos TM1/ Planning Analytics
    • TI Processes
    • TM1 Rules
    • Reporting
  • Microsoft SQL Server