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Naas (Nemesis as a Service):

Addresses Anomaly concerns in your business immediately with minimal investments in newer technology

Harness the power of machine learning and Predictive Analytics within NEMESIS to identify and address potential fraud and anomalous conditions before they have the chance to harm your business. No need to set up capabilities, our Anomaly detection solution can be optimized to provide insights into your data – All you need to do is give us access to your DATA!



Leave behind the hassle of setting up AI/ ML capabilities and team to fight against fraud, waste and abuse. Nemesis-MS is a service designed to deliver the results without additional head count in your organization and without expertise in advanced technologies such as AI/ ML.


We will provide monthly/quarterly analytics and insights service, all you have to do is give us access to your data


At Aviana we understand the value of your data. Data Security is taken very seriously at Aviana. All the data is secured and managed by Aviana (and the cloud provider of your choice). So you can be less worried and start taking advantage of insights for immediate financial impact.



Barriers to quality monitoring are high costs, limited staff resources, a lack of incentives, an absence of an accepted set of quality measures, and a virtual lack of benchmarks or standards with which to gauge success.

Systems sometimes establish internal benchmarks based on practice norms, but they often have no way to know whether their performance is better or worse than that of providers outside their practice system. In addition, some statistical issues, if not taken into account, may skew benchmarks.


The opportunity for fraud in your business may be greater than you think. It may be quite easy to pull off and it may come from one of your most trusted staff. How does your company measure up in controlling the potential for fraud and what can you do about it?

You may be surprised at how vulnerable the assets of your business are to theft by your staff.


A typical manufacturing organization loses 5% of its revenues each year to fraud warranty claims that they pay for.

The trick with warranty fraud analytics is to take a look at the individual claim level, as well as global and regional averages and everything in between. What looks like a valid claim at individual level can appear fraudulent when looked at an aggregate level.


Fraud analytics have more uses in the retail banking side. Structured data and unstructured data are used for anomaly detection, payment fraud and anti-money-laundering (AML)/know your customer (KYC) applications. Nowadays, the banking industry is facing an acute problem of fraud. The problem is global, and no country is fully protected. Fraudsters have become experts in hijacking online sessions: they steal client credentials and use malware to swindle funds from unaware account holders.

Naas Approach

  • Use Case discovery in collaboration with the client.
  • Access to data provided by client.
  • Aviana will create the infrastructure and the model to address the use case
  • Aviana will execute Nemesis on a predetermined schedule and provide insights
  • Affordable with fixed cost per month per use case
  • Simplicity of execution on cloud provider of client’s choice (AWS, Azure; Google)

The power of Nemesis
as a service

At Aviana we continuously thrive to make our client’s business safe not just today but for tomorrow as well. Being strategic in this every changing market can be tough, and as your partner we help you traverse it better.
You can actionable insight from your data, it’s SIMPLE, RISK FREE & SECURED. The NEMSIS service is designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by organization in creating capabilities for prevention of Fraud Waste and Abuse.

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