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By Fraud
As we inched closer to the end of the decade in 2019, it turned out be a year where financial fraudsters got really smart and sophisticated. However, the fraud detection and prevention teams deployed by the corporate world and government agencies still managed to catch...
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Supercharging your Financial Control & Fraud Detection Initiatives; the Role of Data Quality

By Data Sciences, Fraud Detection, Machine Learning
Effective fraud detection and financial control initiatives leverage advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to derive valuable and actionable information for managers. The reliability of the results produced by these data intensive techniques is DIRECTLY dependent on the quality and quantity of data available for...
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5 Steps for Better Data Preparation

By Data Sciences
The task of cleansing, shaping and bending data for analytics or other business purposes is known as DATA PREPARATION. Data preparation is an inseparable component of many systems and applications managed by IT. Tasks such as data warehousing and business intelligence are the more formal...
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