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In the financial industry, it is very common for customers to fail to pay on time, either on an occasional basis or on a regular basis. Payment delays can result in both collection and interest losses for financial institutions.

Financial services can mitigate risks with predictive analytics by identifying potential risks and taking appropriate measures. Analyze customer behavior to discover potential instances of default and take proactive steps to prevent them. Improve late payments and defaults to reduce overall payment risk.


Risk analysts can easily analyze the member behavior with NEMESIS drag and drop features-zero coding. The all-in-one platform offers data cleansing, data modeling, and customizable dashboards. It doesn’t require analysts to access other platforms for analysis. NEMESIS provides a built-in Case Management System for the analysts to take immediate action without leaving the platform.


This case requires the use of member historical data, including demographic data and behavioral data, such as the data include the member’s average account balance, vintage, member geographic data, member occupation, purchased credit product details, etc.

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