When Every Call Counts

Experian had a sub-optimal way to get insights from their customer care data. They engaged with Aviana in building a customer care BI solution to address the challenges faced by the Experian team. Aviana was responsible for building a Customer Care data mart, and a BI solution to integrate data from multiple sources – call data, resource scheduling and forecasting data to name a few.

The solution provided a solution that allows the Experian team to

  • Track and monitor phone performance starting with an individual call by agents, site and skill
  • Track and monitor acquisition, retention and persistency at the individual call, agent level, retention strategy, marketing brand and site level
  • Track and monitor cross-sell execution
  • Understand how marketing e-mails and membership/transactional order volume impact the call center team workload
  • Determine the performance of forecast and staffing accuracy through various time horizons, starting with 30 minute intervals ending with monthly metrics.
  • Evaluate the value of membership persistency post customer care contact to determine how this impacts the tenure of a membership (revenue and membership count)
  • Quantify the value secondary, tertiary, etc. retention activities in terms of revenue and membership counts
  • Ability to trace a call to an agent to a member