Aviana helped launch and implement a program for making enterprise analytics into a centralized asset. The solution centralized the data from various regions into a central data warehouse, mainly for the initial finance and pharmacy data phase. The “Finstat” module builds KPIs on the raw data gathered in GL to measure the financial performance of each business unit/ hospital. Similar reporting infrastructure development was done to centralize Pharmacy data.

Aviana also enhanced the reporting platform to add custom features

  • To allow users to request email notifications for long-running reports.
  • We have developed a custom program to trigger report schedules based on a business day instead of a calendar day (out of the box feature supports a calendar date).
  • To extract metadata information from the reporting content store, users can extract and store execution configuration (parameters, distribution lists, and others) for all reports and other objects in a separate database. This data allows users to create reports to review report properties without checking properties at the individual report level.