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Manufacturers still fulfill the same roles they did during the industrial revolution, but the processes, systems and tools used to reach that end goal consistently and drastically change. From the development of efficient electrical power to the continuing digitization of workflows, there are always improvements for manufacturers to consider and implement. Using predictive analytics to increase the effectiveness of maintenance efforts and prevent common causes of delays and reduced production is a currently developing trend and one that may prove especially beneficial for manufacturers.

"Nearly all aspects of operation can benefit from data collection, forecasting and proactive decision-making."

Predictive modeling tools increase insight, opportunities for proactive maintenance
Avoiding issues that require machines to shut down and force workers to stand idle leads to simple but powerful benefits: more time spent actively producing materials or products and fulfilling orders quickly, with a higher degree of confidence. The IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub discussed the application of predictive analytics in one especially important area of manufacturing, the supply chain. By using sensors to provide information about the operations of trucks, ships and planes, businesses can consistently gather a variety of details about the status of the vehicles used in their supply chain efforts.

By also harnessing the power of predictive analytics, manufacturers can take the next step and not only use the information to make decisions in the present, but also make valuable predictions about future functions and potential problems. This proactive approach adds significant value to the investment into data-gathering efforts, allowing companies to engage in preventative maintenance and resolve problems before they occur. In terms of the supply chain alone, such an effort cuts down on delays and missed deadlines, provides a better experience for customers and reduces the possibility of incoming supplies not reaching facilities in a timely manner.

Of course, predictive analytics applies to much more than just the supply chain – nearly all aspects of operation can benefit in some way from data collection, forecasting and proactive decision-making. Aviana offers robust experience working with the manufacturing industry and a variety of industry-leading predictive analytics and big data solutions from IBM that meet the needs of a wide range of manufacturers. To learn more about how predictive analytics can benefit your organization, visit our dedicated manufacturing industry page. It includes specialized information, case studies and much more.