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Manufacturing is a pillar of the worldwide economy. It's occupied such a position since the first industrial revolution, growing, developing and changing with advances in management, process and technology. Manufacturing's presence as one of the oldest components of the modern business world means it's highly competitive, too. International and global organizations are constantly looking for ways to boost productivity, streamline business activities and reduce wasted resources. Through their many applications in increasing informational visibility and generating useful analysis, predictive analytics and business intelligence software can give manufacturers such an edge.

Just one example: improving maintenance with predictive analytics
The maintenance of equipment, vehicles, facilities and other assets is central to a smooth process of both manufacturing and distributing products. There are numerous dimensions of efficiency that companies can explore in this space, from improving the application and results of preventative repair efforts to putting together more efficient maintenance schedules that maximize uptime and output.

"Predictive analytics and the Internet of Things can relay information on a scale larger than any seen in the past."

Manufacturing Business Technology magazine discussed how predictive analytics and the Internet of Things can relay information on a scale larger than any seen in the past. Organizations can become truly data rich in their decision-making processes, drawing on a wide range of information to ensure they follow the right course of action. When companies have many streams of data related to specific equipment and assets, along with the right business intelligence software to help them interpret the meaning behind all that information, they can make more purposeful, focused and productive decisions.

The key is to make sure the data collected is useful and actionable and the analysis that stems from it is given proper weight and consideration. Gathering reams of information without a clear plan for use or the right tools to understand it in context means it does little more than take up space. Manufacturers have to to consider all aspects of successful data gathering, use and analysis when developing such plans.

Aviana is uniquely equipped to help manufacturers implement effective solutions that provide valuable insight into operations. Improving maintenance efforts is one major concern, but organizations can draw on their data to improve a variety of other functions as well – from inventory and shipping to finance and productivity – with our help. To learn more about Aviana's work in the manufacturing industry, visit our dedicated industry page.