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For all manufacturers, the supply chain is at the heart of operations. Whether providing raw materials and components for use in making wares or ensuring finished products are efficiently distributed, the supply chain drives the short- and long-term success throughout the industry. Gaining a stronger handle on the many elements of the supply chain can mean more effective operations, less waste, lower costs and a host of other benefits. A key element for improving this vital process is the effective use of predictive analytics, like the IBM Cognos suite of solutions, for effective, data-driven analysis and change.

Maximizing efficiency

"The supply chain is at the heart of manufacturing operations."

The supply chain has been a major focus of a variety of development and improvement efforts for decades. A wide range of technological innovations and process changes have made the work involved more streamlined and productive. However, there's still room for improvement, especially when using the perspective provided by predictive analytics.

The depth of insight and sheer volume of informational analysis offered through the IBM Cognos group of solutions can mean new approaches and novel methods of reducing costs and improving outcomes. Improved forecasting, one of the core elements of a successful approach to predictive analytics, offers some unique advantages. Businesses can make changes when they provide the greatest advantages, and move between the variety of options inherent in the supply chain as necessary, bringing the price of transport and handling down further.

As Industry Week pointed out, the application of modern, mature predictive analytics to the supply chain is a step forward in effective analysis. While gathering large amounts of data is a major consideration and necessary for significant changes to occur, analysis was time-consuming and difficult to conduct in an organized, holistic way without the power of predictive analytics involved. Now, manufacturers have the tools to both gather the data and draw useful, multifaceted analysis from it.

Aviana's work with manufacturers and throughout the broader realm of heavy industry means we're ready, willing and able to not only help businesses in the field, but understand their wants, needs and current situations as well. Our experience and skill allows us to craft solutions for a wide variety of problems and potential opportunities, whether involving the supply chain, production, resource management and a variety of other core operational concerns. To learn more, visit our dedicated industry landing page.