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Re: This article:

So I’ve had *several* people sending me this article, I am aware, and I know a few players involved and was holding off to comment until I met with them today.

A good partner that knows how to navigate internal IBM and is immune to pressure from product management or strategic objectives and can protect you from overruns or getting pulled into a less than pragmatic solutions.

Please do not confuse Watson the technology, Watson the available APIs, Watson Branded applications and the Watson Business Divisions in IBM. I’ll know more today about specifics, but I’m not entirely shocked. With large projects you will cross divisions and interact with several executives, many with strategic objectives that may not align entirely. If a customer does not have a clear vision of their goals (though creative exploration of new possibilities can net huge rewards), it’s very easy to run over and experience scope creep or end up up in softly baked solutions. Don’t let this scare you off. This technology is moving very fast, baby step in and make decisions that allow for flexibility.

Learn some tips for your Big Data and Cognitive journey on tomorrow’s webcast – Must Know Series on Big Data”: