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Aviana 3 Must-Know’s on Planning Analytics WEBCAST
November 30, 2016 – 11 am PST

  • Now available on-premises, on cloud, or hybrid.
  • Innovative and intuitive workspace and excel UX for the end users.
  • TM1 modeling and administrative tasks still supported by legacy modules.

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Aviana 3 Must-Know’s on Cognos Analytics WEBCAST
December 6, 2016 – 11 am PST

  • Introduces some new innovations and finally leverages the enterprise features of Cognos.
  • Some ‘legacy’ components are going away…fast, based on the 2017 roadmap.
  • Enhanced self-service modeling capability for exploration and dashboard users

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Aviana 3 Must-Know’s on Cognitive Analytics WEBCAST
January 11, 2017 – 11 am PST

  • Watson Analytics and Watson Explorer are great ways to introduce this technology.
  • Enhance your BI and planning platforms with Cognitive
  • You may not be ‘data-ready’ for it yet, but worth exploring with simple use cases.

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