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According to Sumsub’s report published on BusinessWire, in 2022, fraud has dramatically increased in five countries, with 5.1% in the USA alone.

The report stated that fraud in the banking sector has increased nearly 100%. Account takeovers and chargeback fraud are popular schemes used by fraudsters. Stolen bank cards are used by fraudsters targeting the financial services, e-commerce, and gambling industries. Payment fraud grew 40% from 2021 to 2022—a dramatic increase that led to a rise in share globally.


NEMESIS can assist you in detecting abnormal or suspicious activities before the damage happens.

With NEMESIS, fraud analysts can identify patterns or anomalies in member behavior that may indicate fraudulent activity. No coding is required in the process. The all-in-one platform offers data cleansing, data modeling, and customizable dashboards. It also provides an in-built Case Management System where analysts can take immediate action without leaving the platform to prevent losses.


This case requires the use of transaction data, including geo-location information, time parameters, member identity profile, credit report, etc.

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