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Manufacturing is an enduring and critical element of the larger economy, one that has remained so effective through its ability to change and adapt. Taking advantage of business trends that catch on and prove their worth, as well as researching and developing new, better processes for production and distribution, have helped many businesses maintain relevance and succeed. As more businesses come to understand the benefits of predictive analytics and incorporate them into operations, manufacturers have a unique opportunity to continue their development and take advantage of this new technology.

Taking part in the new industrial revolution
The IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub pointed out the current situation facing manufacturers across the globe: A fourth industrial revolution that's using concepts like advanced analytics and machine learning to achieve new objectives and create more efficient ways of doing business. Companies need to understand that failing to consider the power of these new tools and processes may mean declining performance and other negative consequences as compared to peers that embrace them. However, beyond the potential for falling behind by sticking to outmoded forms of analysis, production and distribution, the fourth industrial revolution offers a lot to be happy about.

Manufacturers can achieve leaner, more effective operations with predictive analytics. Manufacturers can achieve leaner, more effective operations with predictive analytics.

One of the strongest advantages of predictive analytics is its ability to be harnessed for many different purposes. Business intelligence software, like IBM Cognos solutions, offers organizations the ability to select the options that make the most sense for their unique situations. Companies can address the most pressing issues facing them while also applying the power of predictive analytics to many other areas of operation.

As the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub said, this major shift in business operations isn't necessarily the easiest thing to adapt to. There will be instances where companies have to change long-held rules, policies and workflows. The important thing to remember is the results – better insight into operations, more efficient production, improvement in the supply chain – are well worth it.

Aviana knows how to work with businesses in the manufacturing industry and develop solutions that tie into their needs and offer the most effective results. Manufacturers that want to benefit from the advantages of predictive analytics need to find the right partner, one that can offer relevance and proven results in the software and support they provide. To learn more about our work with manufacturers, visit our dedicated industry page