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Big data is no longer a new and untested concept in the business world. Now, these especially large datasets a recognized and respected tool for businesses in a wide variety of industries. It's not enough to simply collect and store important information, however. Businesses that want to realize the benefits of big data have must have the right business intelligence software in place, platforms that support the effective use of big data in a variety of contexts. Both considerations – enough data to fuel analytics efforts and the appropriate solutions for effective analysis – are vital. Without those two elements operating in tandem, any positive results will be muted.

"Business intelligence software is a vital element in a successful approach to big data."

Taking a successful approach to big data
There are a number of positions in which a business interested in big data might find itself. No matter if a business isn't yet a regular user of big data or is looking to make improvements to the way it stores, analyzes and derives benefits from it, there's one consideration that can't be avoided: accuracy. The validity of the data used to determine everything from internal finances to customer-facing product or project development is of the utmost importance. Lillian Taylor, director of predictive analytics and business intelligence consulting for Aviana, pointed out this need for accurate information – and to avoid data visualization efforts that draw on inaccurate data – in a recent blog post for LinkedIn Pulse.

Business intelligence software like IBM Cognos Analytics is a vital element in a successful approach to big data. While data visualization has a number of important applications, it's only ever as effective as the data used for its generation. When information isn't properly governed and different parts of an organization rely on exporting data and manipulating it to suit their needs, significant discrepancies arise. Those problems sabotage the ability of a business to develop consistent and accurate insight based on their collected information, one of the most significant benefits of using big data effectively.

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