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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." – Benjamin Franklin

Aviana believes that analytics is more than a field. It's also a large community of people trying to do more with data to make the world work better. That's why we launched Aviana Hub, a community site dedicated to users of IBM business analytics technology, this week. Our goal is to bring in people from all over the analytics industry to interact with one another on key topics in the field. We even seek to help people get an understanding of products and services through our Ask the Expert feature. We celebrated the launch with a party full of users and staff at the Minus5 bar in Las Vegas this past week, as part of IBM Insight 2015.

Expertise and engagement when users need it most
The Aviana Hub serves as an open community that's free to join and use. Members that join gain access to other users and can ask questions and discuss tips, tricks and trends in the field. We have three centers catering to specific user needs: business intelligence, financial performance management and predictive performance management.

Our goal is to ensure members stay engaged with what's happening in their respective fields, so Aviana representatives will also communicate with users to monitor activity and facilitate discussion. Additionally, we have an Ask the Expert section, which enables members to ask specific questions about analytics software.

A picture from Aviana Hub's launch event in Las Vegas. A picture from Aviana Hub's launch event in Las Vegas.

While we welcome all Aviana customers to join Aviana Hub, membership isn't exclusive to our customers, either. They can be just regular users of IBM analytics technology who want to learn more about what they can do with it. Anyone who is a member will learn more about analytics, what IBM's services can accomplish and how these things will benefit their businesses, whether they are in finance, health care or consumer and packaged goods, among many other industries.

"Several years ago, we launched a successful user community for IBM Cognos TM1 users," Kevin Small, practice director for solutions and education at Aviana, said. "It was/is really a dynamic and vibrant free discussion forum that allowed all users (not just Aviana clients) to flock together, get answers and share knowledge with each other. It really was an overnight success. As that community grew and became a dynamic place to collaborate, we were asked, 'Please build a similar free community for IBM SPSS and IBM Cognos users.' Now, we have added these other IBM product areas, but we have added so much more. I encourage people to leverage this free, uncluttered place to collaborate."

What to expect in the future
Our ideal vision of the Aviana Hub is that people will come in regularly to understand how analytics will work for them through experts and other members. We think an engaged audience will only improve the industry, as well as the various businesses involved. With the hub now in place, we look forward to highlighting notable discussions right here on the blog. Stay tuned to this space in the weeks and months as Aviana Hub develops.