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Addressing the needs of each and every customer is a top priority for high-performing businesses in the hospitality industry. While the basic desire of most hotel guests is the same – to have a place to sleep and store their belongings – there are uncountable variations that exist beyond this foundational desire.

Some guests will want to make use of many different hotel facilities and offerings, be it lounging by the pool, taking a trip to the spa or using a well-supplied gym room. Others will want to do little beyond use the bed at night and keep their clothes and other items safe.

How can hospitality businesses better define and understand the differences between each customer and effectively appeal to all of them? A big part of the answer lies in predictive analytics.

Effective differentiation and personalized appeals

"Understanding customer desires is critical for success."

Understanding customer desires, both in the present and future, is critical for success. Knowing when, how, why and where to appeal to them, be it through personalized marketing or a larger, mass-market approach, can mean the difference between occupied rooms and empty ones.

As eHotelier pointed out, a major gain for hotels in terms of appealing to customers more effectively can come through big data. The sheer amount of information regarding customer preferences, decision-making, past experiences and other relevant metrics is larger now than it has ever been in the past.

Using the right dimensions of information captured during previous visits means better marketing with more positive results. Business intelligence software, like the IBM Cognos suite of products, gives hospitality organizations the tools they need to conduct effective analysis and reach out to customers in ways that increase engagement and fill rooms.

Additionally, eHotelier said guests are growing accustomed to personalized experiences, to one degree or another, because they're becoming more common in everyday life. Businesses that can offer these relevant and enticing experiences have a distinct edge over those that don't.

Aviana has the hospitality industry experience to provide effective solutions for hotels and similar businesses in the market, with a focus on creating more effective customer outreach. Our past efforts, working with major hotel and casino groups like MGM Resorts International, mean we have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of hospitality and the ability to use big data and predictive analytics to improve performance. To learn more, check out our video on the topic.