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Alliances Program

Designed with growth top of mind, NEMESIS’s alliance program generates additional recurring revenue for your business and provides massive value to your clients.

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We know we’re preaching to the choir when we say detecting fraud can be complicated and challenging work.

That’s why we’ve designed our alliance program to leverage all of NEMESIS’s key advantages as your next-generation risk mitigation solution: data preparation, visualization, and 24/7 fraud detection.

A NEMESIS partnership eliminates the need to invest in expensive data science technologies and resources, placing the power of these technologies in the hands of those who can use them most effectively – the business users.

Data analysts can perform the following tasks – without the help of data scientists – and within the ease of a single, centralized platform.


  • Data preparation and cleansing
  • Statistical model building
  • Data insight discovery
  • Faster, more accurate case resolution

Put the power of NEMESIS to work for you + your clients.

We’re confident you’ll find NEMESIS to be the game-changing solution for your clients’ needs. Fill out the form below to schedule a demo.

About Aviana Global Technologies

As the parent company of NEMESIS, and with over 25 years of experience in data management, data warehousing, and data science, Aviana Global Technologies is a leading advanced analytics company with extensive experience in designing, building, and deploying custom solutions for organizations – helping them achieve growth and efficiency, while simultaneously mitigating risks.

Our flagship product, NEMESIS, shares our core capabilities as its foundation and is fueled by the latest in business intelligence technology, to create a one-of-a-kind solution.

NEMESIS Alliance Levels

Our Alliance Program offers tiered alliance packages to best suit your business participation needs.

A commitment of 6(+) new installations for the year; and partner with the NEMESIS team to develop your growth marketing strategy.

A commitment of 3(+) new installations for the year; and partner with the NEMESIS team to develop your growth marketing strategy.

Simply refer a client; NEMESIS will go to work, while you enjoy recurring earnings.

White Labeling

If you are interested in white labeling, please reach out to for more information.