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IBM Analytics Consulting from the Experts

One of the most substantial benefits of working with platforms such as IBM Cognos BI, Data Management, TM1/ Planning Analytics, and SPSS/ DSX is their high degree of personalization and flexibility.

Premier IBM Business Partner

Organizations that invest in the development and deployment of these solutions and work with an experienced partner to do so enjoy a unique final product that is strongly in tune with their needs. The advantages of such an approach are clear, but there are also certain concerns that may need to be addressed to ensure each individual user and the organization as a whole receives the maximum benefit going forward. That’s where Aviana’s BI, Data Management, TM1/ Planning Analytics and SPSS/ DSX consulting come into play.

Individualized consulting & support

for customized IBM solutions

Aviana is one of the oldest and most experienced consulting companies on the west coast that have been providing IBM TM1/ Planning Analytics, Cognos BI, Data Management and SPSS/ DSX help to its customers covering the gamut of implementation, planning, deployment and post-production support. We continue to maintain deep knowledge in these areas by always keeping ourselves abreast of the latest features and functionalities at all times.

There are many reasons why organizations may need support as they start using a new predictive analytics platform, from training additional users to developing additional competency around a feature that proves to be especially valuable.

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Financial & Operational Performance Management

Our approach to Financial & Operational Performance Management (FOPM) evolved on decades of experience and an unmatched understanding of the challenges facing the financial world. We specialize in creating an integrated solution that ensures finance is adding daily value to every business unit.

Our integrated solutions include:
  • Budgeting Forecasting and Planning
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Diagnostic Evaluation
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What makes Aviana’s approach to consulting stand out?

We recognize that no two consulting situations are alike. Instead of attempting to use a one-size-fits-all approach, we carefully tailor our consulting strategy to the unique needs of your company and the predictive analytics platform you’ve selected. That means your staff receives individualized support that’s relevant to their needs, helping them become even more proficient with the platform they’re expected to use on a daily basis.

What Aviana offers in a consulting solution

Post-implementation consulting can be the final step needed to get your staff in the best position possible to fully use your predictive analytics solution. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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In-depth support for IBM Cognos BI, , Data Management TM1/ Planning Analytics and SPSS/ DSX platforms.
On-site consulting that allows for face-to-face communication, education and troubleshooting.
Customized offerings that target specific needs and provide relevant support throughout the process.
Fast assistance and issue resolution that gets everyone on the same page and ready to move forward.
Support from an organization with more than two decades of experience helping partners implement advanced technologies and predictive analytics.