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Predictive analytics has a major role to play in the continuing development of the healthcare industry. There are many different business-oriented and operational considerations that predictive analytics can improve, from helping healthcare providers find more efficient workflows to drilling down into the specifics for value-based care. Of course, there are applications more directly focused on patients and their health as well. With the right strategy and the best business intelligence software in place, providers can harness the power of predictive analytics to enhance the care they provide and increase positive patient outcomes.

"Providers can harness the power of predictive analytics to enhance the care they provide."

A lot of ground to cover
The Harvard Business Review said predictive analytics and big data are exciting concepts in the healthcare world, but aren't close to being used to their full potential. That means there are plenty of opportunities to apply these powerful solutions to patient care and related concerns. One of the greatest and most straightforward advantages of using predictive analytics with patient data is uncovering large-scale patterns that provide valuable, potentially life-saving information about individual patients. For example, analysis of data related to patients with diabetes can help identify others who are at risk for the disease, even if they don't presently display any major signs or symptoms. With the adoption and standardization of electronic health records, these efforts are more viable.

There are some issues to contend with in terms of predictive analytics and patient care, however. Data used in algorithms, especially when the outcomes have direct effects on individual patients, must be accurate. The HBR pointed out another very important consideration: predictive analytics can't simply be shoehorned into existing workflows. This is especially important in the healthcare industry, where so many professionals have developed valuable intuition over many years or decades. To foist predictive analytics upon them without taking their own valuable knowledge and predictive powers into consideration can cause problems. Providers have to integrate the two concepts so they can support and feed off of each other, ultimately providing better care for patients.

Aviana offers healthcare providers the opportunity to work with an experienced authority in predictive analytics and big data. With our expertise in implementing the right business intelligence software and developing solutions that take a provider's unique needs into account, a wide range of facilities and health systems can implement data and analytics solutions in the way that works best for them. To learn more about our work in the healthcare realm, visit our healthcare industry solution video series.