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Manufacturing as a whole includes a number of conditions that make the use of big data and predictive analytics especially effective. From the many controlled, internal processes involved in sourcing raw material and producing finished products, to the management of some or all elements of the supply chain, the manufacturing world is rife with workflows that lend themselves to improvement through big data and predictive analytics.

How can companies benefit from implementing these advanced analytical solutions or improving the current state of such platforms? There are many options, but one of the most expansive is greater insight into operations and the enhanced decision making that comes with with better intelligence from platforms like the IBM Cognos suite of solutions.

Manufacturers can benefit greatly from predictive analytics.
Manufacturers can benefit greatly from predictive analytics.

More information means improved decision-making

Big data and predictive analytics offer not only the tools to gain more insight into operations, but for making more effective decisions about future work. By tracking metrics such as cost and utilization of raw materials, for example, businesses can determine more efficient sizes for future orders and examine price comparisons for any alternatives that may exist.

Through extensive, automated analysis of information about production of finished items and sales, companies can look for one-time, long-term and seasonal trends before the market starts to shift, meaning changes to operations can be made ahead of time. The prevalence of information in the manufacturing world means greater insight and confidence when making decisions through the power of big data and predictive analytics.

Manufacturers need the right support to effectively deploy a big data solution and reap the benefits. Aviana understands the many unique elements of the industry and has a proven track record helping manufacturers large and small become more efficient through the use of big data and predictive analytics. To learn more, visit our dedicated industry page.