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Human resources professionals have their work cut out for them. This type of job requires a lot of juggling and wearing more than one hat. HR must be both people persons and knowledgeable regarding benefits and new laws that can affect their employees. One of the hardest jobs, though, is the balancing act of keeping staff members both happy and productive. Decreasing employee churn and making top talent want to stay on is crucial for a business' success and many HR departments find predictive modeling software helps them stay on top of staff happiness.

Better engagement through data
A 2014 Aon Hewitt study found organizations that boasted more than a 70 percent employee engagement rating had better growth in sales and productivity when compared with companies with lower engagement. 

Putting predictive analytics to use can help enterprises not only find the best and brightest candidates for the job, but also keep these new recruits immersed with their work and happy with their situation so they stay on longer as employees.

A business needs to take the temperature of its staff by going straight to them and asking them how they feel about the company, its goals as well as their jobs and position in the enterprise. Surveying your employees' moods often such as on a quarterly basis can give you the feedback you need to either continue what you're doing or make changes.

Assessing your assets
Besides surveying staff members, take a look at which employees are your most productive and which ones are struggling at their jobs. It could be that a lack of engagement causes some staff members to perform poorly and you must give them more of an incentive to spur them on, CEO noted. 

Examine the ways both your top and bottom-performers completed their work and also include the kind of attitude and personality they bring to the office each workday. Once you have both the real performance numbers crunched as well as the personality traits assessed, you can employ predictive analytics. Using these sets of data, HR can make better hiring decisions in the future so their companies have productive staff members happy with their work and their jobs. 

Gauging opinions and using predictive modeling tools can help companies grow by finding out what's working and what's not.