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Financial services are facing challenges in increasing their share of wallets due to fierce competition from other institutions providing better offers or more competitive rates. Furthermore, smaller institutions lack the same range of products and services as larger banks, making it difficult for them to meet their members’ needs to retain them.

Detecting member profitability is also difficult in these organizations due to the poor data quality and limited resources available to analyze data.


Gain insight into your most profitable members’ behaviors and characteristics. Make predictions about what products and services will resonate with them. Implement targeted marketing strategies and retention programs. Improve customer profitability and share of wallet.

NEMESIS enables your team to quickly deploy action-oriented analytical solutions. NEMESIS offers easy-to-use but powerful actionable insights, data modeling, customized dashboards, and case management capabilities, enabling users to take action immediately.


This case requires the use of transaction data, including geo-location information, time parameters, member identity profile, credit report, etc.

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